The Ultimate Pitch - 2 Day Intensive 
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Turn Your Message Into Action
Have you ever had a great idea or project that you were very passionate about, because you know it has the potential to positively impact the world?

How often did they end up in a drawer, because you were unable to communicate the potential value to your stakeholders when you had the chance?

Join our 2-Day Intensive Course to learn the secrets of The Ultimate Pitch and to apply a proven pitch formula, so that your message resonates with your audience and drives meaningful action!
Do You Want To...
  • Successfully get buy-in from your stakeholders?
  • Master a proven methodology to structure your message in an impactful way?
  • Convey a complex message in a concise, clear and understandable manner?  
  • Present with confidence and authenticity in front of any audience?
  • Gain trust from your stakeholders and build credibility as the preferred partner?
  • ​Discover and overcome your inner barriers that hold you back from being an impactful presenter?
  • ​Enjoy transformational results through a highly engaging and immersive learning experience?
If you said YES to the above, this is the course for you!
In This Course, You Will...
  •  Shift your mind-set about pitching, so you feel great about pitching anywhere, anytime
  •  Get clarity on your message by cutting through the noise, so you get laser-sharp focus that attracts your audience
  •  Understand your stakeholder’s mind, so you can craft a message that truly resonates with them
  •  Learn and apply a proven pitch formula to create a pitch that moves people to action with the least effort
  •  Develop competence in pitching through thorough practice and receiving valuable feedback to sharpen your pitch 
  •  Boost your confidence by uncovering your personal powerful presenter formula, so you deliver your message in the most powerful and authentic way
  •  Anticipate the Q&A session and learn how to answer any questions effectively in your favour
  •  Have a lot of FUN… and much more!  
What Participants Said
AFTER the ultimate pitch 2-day intensive
"For me this is the best training I've done in my scientific career, by far. I wouldn't have succeeded so much without this training!"
Guenolee Prioult
Director Science & Technology,
Fortune 500 Company
"I really should've taken this course long time before! This is so impactful that it can transform anyone to become a better persuader!"
Guy Bellenot

International Training Manager,
Fortune 500 Company
"Definitely this course was a real eye-opener for me in a very practical way!"
Lolita Bazarova
Department Head Dietary Recommendations,
Fortune 500 Company
"I'm very careful with signing up for new trainings, but I can say this one was definitely worth it!"
Biljana Bojicevic
Group Leader Technical Microbiology,
Fortune 500 Company
"I now know how to communicate passionately about my project in a better, shorter, smarter way!"
Sara Brulhart
R&D Site Operations Manager,
Fortune 500 Company
Written Feedback
by participants OF THE COURSE
"A lot of practical exercises and very strong theory and methodology behind made the training unforgettable"
"Outstanding training: probably the best I had attended in my 20 years career at my company"
"Very good training, fully relevant for the translation of science concept into business context"
Impressions Of Past Trainings
the ultimate pitch 2-day intensive on-site

the ultimate pitch 2-day intensive VIRTUAL
"This training can be used at all levels to learn how to pass important messages and pitch your ideas. I strongly believe this course will help our community become great intrapreneurs"
Michaela Hoehne
Head Of Learning & Development in Innovation,Technology and R&D,
Fortune 500 Company
Your Keys To Success
fast-track to get what you want
Craft a crystal clear message that has a magnetic effect on your audience: cut through the noise and hit your target directly 
Communicate your message with impact, confidence and authentic power, leaving an unforgettable impression on your audience
Learn a proven pitch formula that has helped many of your peers get project resources and green lights to proceed with their great ideas
Program Outline
the ultimate pitch 2 day intensive

Also available in 4x half-day sessions (Virtual format)

2 Weeks Before Training
  • Receive a welcome email and fill out a short survey to better tailor the training to your needs
  • Watch a series of short videos + answer preparation questions
  • Submit your Pre-Work up to 24 hours before the start of the training
Training On-Site or Virtually
  • Start at 8:00 or 8:30 on-site or online (local timezone)
  • Shift your pitch mind-set and learn how to get into the investor's mind
  • Lunch break around 12:00
  • Learn the proven 5-Step Formula to craft your successful pitch and create the building blocks of your own pitch
  • Day ends at 17:00 or 17:30
Training On-Site or Virtually
  • Start at 8:00 or 8:30 on-site or online (local timezone)
  • Compose, practice and iterate on your ultimate pitch
  • Lunch break at around 12:00
  • Prepare for Q&A and Closing the Deal to build credibility and drive a win-win outcome
  • Discover your powerful presenter formula to become a more impactful presenter
  • Day ends at 17:00 or 17:30
About Your Trainer
angela go
Angela Go is an international award-winning public speaker, entrepreneur, board advisor, president and executive coach & trainer with a highly successful track record at Fortune 500 companies and global start-up incubators. 

She is a co-founder of !nGenius, the successful global start-up incubator at Nestlé that has induced a cultural transformation towards intrapreneurship and innovation. Gartner Research named !nGenius as ‘a prime example of successful bimodal innovation in large corporates’ in a full article publication. During her !nGenius years, Angela coached many innovation teams to successfully develop and raise funds for their projects. 

After leaving the corporate world, Angela co-founded several companies and was elected President of UAA, Europe's leading engineering professionals network. She has since impacted ten thousands of people around the world through her training & coaching programs, public speeches and media appearances on the topics of impactful communication, innovative leadership and break-through mindset. She is known for her unique transformative style, high energy, and engaging facilitation skills - often quoted to 'leave an unforgettable impression'. 

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Angela holds a double Magna Cum Laude Master Of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, where she belongs to the Top 2% graduates of over 100'000 alumni in their 180 years history. 
Written Comments About Angela
by participants after the course
"The trainer made the difference. Very enthusiastic and energetic, motivating and inspiring"
"Angela has a positive energy that motivates. She is knowledgeable and interacts with everyone equally. Creates trust which is needed for the course to be effective."
"Trainer was very motivating and she managed to keep high level participation for the whole group during the 2 days training"
Who should come to this course?
This course is for anyone at any level who needs to present an idea, proposa, project or solution in an impactful way to drive the audience to action. You get fully prepared to give a powerful pitch in a presentation setting (either in real life or virtually). 

Participant profiles range from accelerator members, project managers, (senior) leaders to senior scientists and engineers who need to present or convey (complex) messages in a clear and concise way. 

The course is very powerful for anyone who struggles with confidence when speaking in public, needs to adapt their message to different audiences outside of their expertise area, and/or wants to become more authentic and impactful when delivering a key message. 
Are there any pre-requisites to attend the course?
The course is open to participants at all levels who have completed the mandatory Pre-Work assignment that is sent out 2 weeks before the start of the course. Participants are of mixed backgrounds and levels of seniority, so make sure your project is non-confidential to the participating group. In case you want to organise a separate course dedicated to a specific group or audience, please contact your local HR or course coordinator.
How do I sign up for this course?
Please go through the standard sign-up procedure for corporate trainings.
How many seats are available per course?
In order to guarantee individual attention and high quality of the course, the number of participants per course is set from 8 to 16. Make sure to apply fast, because seats are limited and it's first come, first serve. 
What do I need to bring to the course?
Your laptop, mobile phone, a real project to pitch (make sure it's non-confidential to the group), a pen and notebook to take notes, and finally: your best mood!

You must block out your agenda for the training block on all training days, because the program is very packed with content and exercises. 

Is there any follow-up after the 2-Day Intensive Course?
There are 2 complimentary extension sessions after this course, namely 'Ultimate Slides 1-Day Workshop' to learn how to create impactful slides easily to accompany your pitch script, and 'Ultimate Pitch Drill' to experience a real-life simulation of a Board Meeting where participants can practice the full pitch and receive 360 degree feedback and coaching on all the elements (Pitch, Q&A, Close the Deal). 

A recommendation and a commonly chosen format is to opt for the full 3.5-Day training curriculum composed of: 

1) The Ultimate Pitch 2-Day Intensive
2) Ultimate Slides 1-Day Workshop 
3) Ultimate Pitch Drill 

This full curriculum can be done on 4 consecutive days, or else ideally within a 1-week time frame with a 1 day break in between (e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri). 

Your company may have a Coaching Agreement for individual and/or group coaching for a variety of communication skills and leadership topics. Please contact your HR department or course coordinator, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch. 
Do we work on the presentation slides in this course?
No. A dedicated training extension is available called 'Ultimate Slides 1-Day Workshop' - where you learn how to create impactful slides to accompany your pitch in an easy way. This extension can be done directly after the The Ultimate Pitch 2-Day Intensive Course
In what formats is the course offered?
The training exist in both physical and virtual format. There is a slight difference in the content and exercises done in each format to adapt to the virtual or physical environment. 

The standard training takes 2 full days, but can also be booked across 4 half-days if done in a virtual format. 

The training is only offered in real-time (live sessions) and are conducted for the European, Asian and American time zones.
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